Northern Ireland MOT Exemption

10 May 2018 by Trevor Mitchell AOVC Secretary

New laws come into force from 20th May re the MOT in GB including the exemption from MOT for 40 year old vehicles.
The Department of Infrastructure have always explained these changes would not automatically apply in Northern Ireland while there was no Assembly Minister to sign off the changes.
They have just now announced that most of the changes will come into effect in Northern Ireland from 20th May but there is no change whatsoever to the 1960 cut off date for exemption from MOT.  
Open the PDF Document below for further details on these changes.
The latest news from them today is that no decision has been made yet re changing this date but an announcement will be made in due course so in the meantime all post 1960 vehicles in Northern Ireland will need a MOT in the normal way.




New MOT Changes in NI from 20th May 2018