18 August 2023 by Trevor Mitchell, AOVC Secretary


We are a family of car enthusiasts who, when looking to buy our first classic car, were struggling to balance the desire for classics and our consciousness for the environment. The first car we offset was our very own Myrtle the Morris and during this process, Tree-V sparked into life.

We found that there were many excellent schemes around that allow us to offset our entire carbon footprint, but in order to get an accurate carbon usage figure, there is a considerable amount of work required. We knew our classic car would be an unnecessary carbon emitter, and calculating the carbon should be relatively easy as it would be based on miles driven. We wanted to achieve a quick win by offsetting just our classic car by itself, without having to calculate the carbon from every aspect of our lives in order to get started.

So, Tree-V was formed in 2021 to fill this gap for car enthusiasts like ourselves. We’re loving getting out in Myrtle, and being part of the wonderful automotive and environmental communities. Even if we do fight over who gets to Myrtle’s keys first each weekend!