1987 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL with an interesting history in Northern Ireland - For Sale



  • November 10 2021
  • For Sale
  • 24950
A fabulous example of the classic 300 SL  type 107 series Year or manufacture 1987 Mileage 67,000 This car has an interesting history and connection with Northern Ireland. The Mercedes was was first owned by Lord Chris Patten's wife and registered on diplomatic plates in Hong Kong up until 1987 when Chris Patten was the 28th and last governor of Hong Kong managing the hand over to China on expiry of the 99year lease. The car was then shipped to Northern Ireland - again in Lord Patten's family - as he headed up The Independent Commission on Policing in Northern Ireland also known as the Patten Commission which culminated in the Good Friday Agreement. The car then came to the UK and was registered under original year of manufacture plates D 350 ELM. We bought her in 2014 and drove her to Silesia and kept her at our home on the Czech, German, Polish borders for 5 years - the perfect location for easy central European cruises. But now she's home in the UK and being re-registered under the same UK plates D 350 ELM.

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